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No one has to tell you your company's medical plan needs differ from others. And we know you'd prefer the services you receive not come from the shelf. That is why all of our services are tailored to suit your group medical plan needs. You let us know your specific group medical plan needs and we'll provide the right services.

 Eight Health Plans in One: one size does NOT fit all. When you choose CaliforniaChoice, each of your employees gets to choose any one of eight health plans that best meets his or her unique personal and family needs. Besides being a powerful tool to retain your best employees, this gives you a tremendous recruiting advantage! Following are the eight plans that make up the California Choice Portfolio:

Aetna,  Anthem, Blue Cross, Healthnet, Kaiser Permanente, Sharp Health Plan, Sutter Health Plus and

Western Health Advantage.

Services & Program Highlights (features)

Cost Control:  How much should you pay? With Defined Contribution, it’s your Choice. Contribute a Fixed Percentage (50% to 100%) of a specific plan and/or benefit, or you can choose to contribute a Fixed Dollar Amount for each employee. Your employees then apply your generous contribution to the health plan and benefits they prefer. If an employee selects a plan that costs more than your contribution, he or she simply pays the difference.

Greater Access to Doctors, Specialists, and Hospitals:
Looking for a doctor? We offer a range of full and limited networks allowing you and your employees
access to the doctors, specialists, and hospitals you want at the best-possible price point.
We also offer Tiered Choice, which gives your employees a choice of two tiers (Platinum/Gold,
Gold/Silver, Silver/Bronze) rather than just one. This can significantly increase the number of benefits
and doctors your employees can access.

Business Solutions Suite:
The Business Solutions Suite is included at no extra charge and offers you and your employees discount
Dental, Vision, and Hearing benefits, a free Premium Only Plan*, human resources support, employee
discounts, prescription discounts, and more! Benefits vary by group size, as shown on the back.
*Initial set-up fee is covered at no cost.

Consolidated Billing:
Whether you have one employee or 100, you’ll get a single, consolidated monthly bill that lists all
coverage levels, your contribution, and employee deductions. You can also pay your bill and manage
your employee benefits online at calchoice.com.

Smart Decision Technology:
Smart Decision Technology includes online tools designed to help employees make smarter and more
informed decisions when it comes to their health care needs. Our online Provider Directory and online
Rx Search help members find the doctors and prescriptions they want – giving them access to the
information about which health plans, plan designs, and networks offering their preferred doctors and
prescriptions. Our new Automated Choice Profiler gives members the power to compare health plans
– not just based on premium, but also on doctor availability, quality, affordability, and expected plan use.
Online Enrollment is also now available, creating a seamless online enrollment experience.