Our Story

Known for small business benefit solutions and benefits' design expertise, Group Medical Solutions is one of the most reliable group medical benefits' firms in the southern California area.

Since opening the doors in 2012, our company has grown in scope and reputation. Our clients appreciate the manner in which we work, creating dedicated teams to ensure effective communication and a better level of service throughout the entire benefits process:  from design to implemention.

                        Value Proposition & Business Model

The primary benefit we deliver to a given client is that we utilize advanced technology to give our clients an unbiased, independent overview of all the available plans in the market.  This means they will immediately know whether or not they are getting the best value (maximum benefit for the least amount of cost) for the money they are currently paying.  On the contrary, for prospective clients with no group coverage, they will immediately know the best plans in the market providing the best value for their budget.  Upon plan selection, because we are a licensed broker, we are able to facilitate enrollment into the given plan.